ARIKAN | PARTNERS ILC team of professionals renders high level legal and business consultancy services in the following practice areas:

Corporate and Commercial Law

ARIKAN | PARTNERS offers its clients practical advice in the area of corporate and commercial law, with skills ranging from comprehensive care of business at the general corporate and business law level to customized legal service in corporate governance, compliance matters and legal assistance in complex domestic and cross-border investment transactions.

Next to its well-established real estate, arbitration and franchise practice, ARIKAN | PARTNERS has developed a strong and sophisticated expertise in capital market-oriented projects, commercial transactions in Turkey’s food industry and renewable energy sector and other major corporate asset purchases and sales.

The members of ARIKAN | PARTNERS’ Corporate and Commercial Law team are well experienced lawyers and highly trained as business professionals who have advised domestic and international medium to large companies for many years in these fields. The firm works in efficient and multilingual teams put together based on experience and client needs, and delivers nothing less than prompt and solution-oriented results.

Construction / Real Estate

With our vast experience in all types of construction projects, including industrial sites, major public and private facilities, high-rise commercial office buildings, hotels and premium malls, ARIKAN | PARTNERS serves as general counsel for many of Turkey’s largest and most prestigious construction companies on all issues that arise before, during and after the construction process.

The legal advice provided by ARIKAN | PARTNERS to its clients includes all phases of a real estate and construction transaction, including design and review of construction contracts, tax issues, purchase and sale of real estate, monitoring of tenders, leasing and financing to complex joint ventures and cross-border transactions, comprehensive construction planning, and possible sequels of construction activities such as counselling of claims and dispute resolution.

The Construction & Real Estate practice has been one of the core competencies of ARIKAN | PARTNERS, resulting in the successful legal advice and completion of many major regional, national and international real estate transactions and construction projects. The firm further litigated and arbitrated cases and claims, and has advised on matters involving projects throughout Turkey and internationally, including Algeria, Jordan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Georgia and Nigeria.

Our Construction & Real Estate team is well recognized for its expertise, experience, responsiveness and sophisticated commitment in caring for transactions of various sizes and complexity. ARIKAN | PARTNERS’ fast growing and well-earned reputation in the fields of construction & real estate law is based on its practice of building long-term relationships with clients, who include Turkey’s most established and leading business conglomerates, construction companies, real estate developers and international major corporations.

International Arbitration

ARIKAN | PARTNERS has among its lawyers highly skilled and creative negotiators who understand and focus relentlessly on the client’s goal. We offer assistance to our clients to successfully complete cross-border commercial or contractual conflicts, whether conducting highly complex international arbitration, enforcing foreign judgments and arbitral awards, or designing alternative procedures and contract provisions to avoid disputes or resolve them efficiently.

Our arbitration team includes experienced members who have tried and won arbitrations under all the major arbitral institutions, including the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID),the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (SCC), and the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA) as well as severalad hoc arbitrations under the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) and other rules. For arbitrations subject to foreign laws ARIKAN | PARTNERS works closely with the most prestigious major international law firms to ensure its clients advice and assistance on the highest level.

ARIKAN | PARTNERS’ arbitration team also has extensive experience in the methods of dispute resolution alternatives to traditional procedures, such as mediation and conciliation. When desired by the client, we fully deploy our expertise and skills to explore the scope for dispute avoidance and alternative methods of dispute resolution. With these factors in mind, ARIKAN | PARTNERS has often been able to achieve successful early resolution of disputes.

Training & Compliance

ARIKAN | PARTNERS, having a sophisticated understanding of the expectations and needs of its clients, is the sole law firm in Turkey who provides training services supported by compliance functions.

Thorough this innovative approach, ARIKAN | PARTNERS enables its clients to reduce their legal and operational risks by complying with the regulatory requirements and to improve their labor force by providing their teams with the required training programs as per the organization’s size, form of entity, field of business, complexity and the legal norms.

This innovative approach combining the training and compliance practices is set to add a great value to the client companies’ organizations and is supported by a unique legal protection mechanism along with the firm’s experience in a variety of fields of law.

ARIKAN | PARTNERS also provides its clients with customized training services by analyzing their needs and by perfectly designating the frame of the legal requirements at each relevant sector. It is in this respect that the firm provides various soft skill trainings as well as technical trainings through different methods such as intra-class, web based, workshop, webinar course-wares. The management of the training services dedicated to determine the tailor made solution for each client of the firm is led by Ms. Setenay Catalkaya.

Projects Coordination

With its considerable experience in mostly international real estate and construction projects, ARIKAN | PARTNERS advises leading international and domestic construction and investment companies on major projects by combining the legal knowledge and experience with the need of the clients from the perspective of the engineering.

ARIKAN | PARTNERS dedicates its team to provide the legal consultancy services to its clients by serving at the same time the most efficient and viable solutions during the course of the projects.

ARIKAN | PARTNERS advises on a wide variety of the construction projects including all aspects and stages of the project such as the preparation and review of the bid documents, contract administration, change order management, correspondences management, project legal risk management, project controls and legal training for the avoidance of the disputes and the construction claims.

ARIKAN | PARTNERS also provides the legal consultancy services for the resolution of the construction claims before the initiation of the dispute resolution methods and the firm has a vast experience in the settlement of the disputes and the construction claims occurred by and between the Employer, the Contractor and/or the Subcontractor.

Project Finance

ARIKAN | PARTNERS advises its clients comprehensively in all types of domestic and international finance, in particularin real estate financing and financing ofacquisitions, franchising,leasing, joint ventures and project finance. Our project finance team includes next to highly skilled lawyers also experienced business professionals to ensure our clients customized and business oriented strategies that also take into consideration all entrepreneurial aspects.

Banking, Finance and Capital Markets

ARIKAN | PARTNERS Banking & Finance Practice Group offers comprehensive legal advice and business assessment services in one of the most regulated sectors of the economy in Turkey. Our consultancy services range from regulatory guidance to assistance with the syndication of loans and the design of such loans, collateral and pool contracts, including the establishment of credit and financial services institutions and the expansion of appropriate permits.

Private Equity

ARIKAN | PARTNERS has accompanied significant equity capital transactions and is one of the first choices among clients for complex cases. Due to our high competence and recognition we are mandated in particular for private equity investments by foreign private equity investors in Turkey. ARIKAN | PARTNERS represents strategists in various commercial transactions involving private equity firms (sell and buy side) and provides its clients a full range of legal consulting services for private equity transactions, from the first round of financing for a start-up to multi-billion dollar acquisitions.

Mergers and Acquisitions

National and international corporate acquisitions and mergers play a central role in the consulting practice of ARIKAN | PARTNERS. Most of our lawyers have worked in various numbers and volumes of major mergers, takeover bids for listed companies, auctions, financing transactions and joint ventures throughout their career. ARIKAN | PARTNERS is currently representing numerous clients in local and international M & A transactions with a transaction value of over one billion USD.

Competition / Antitrust

ARIKAN | PARTNERS continuously employs an antitrust team with extensive experience in antitrust law mandates in all industries. Our lawyers regularly advise large M & A and corporate transactions, as well as integrated teams with our international partner firms.


ARIKAN | PARTNERS has been repeatedly recognized for outstanding success in effectively representing its clients, particularly in issues and matters related to the tremendously developing and continuously growing energy market of Turkey.We provide a full range of transactional, regulatory and project development and financial services to a wide variety of entities in the electric power, oil or natural gas industries. In the electric power sector, ARIKAN | PARTNERSprovides various legal services and counselling in project development, energy trading and other transactions and state regulatory matters, particularly in the most promising renewable energy generating sector.

Our experience includes:

• Project development, licensing, construction and operation
• Mergers, acquisitions and financing
• Interconnection and power purchase agreements


ARIKAN | PARTNERS’ Franchising law team provides franchisors, licensors and manufacturers the comprehensive legal services required to place their products and services to Turkey’s market efficiently and economically. We represent franchisors of all sizes, from world’s most renowned brands to new and promising business ideas and concepts in various sectors products and services.

ARIKAN | PARTNERS is known for its ability to provide comprehensive professional advice. Our widely recognized fair and dynamic services in franchising include among others preparation and review of franchise disclosure documents, thereby help clients to grow their brands, improve their concept of defensibility and fend off competitors, anticipation, prevention and management of franchise disputes, development and management of clients’ relationships with franchisees, licensees, vendors, and suppliers, and assistance to established franchisors in growing their brands across Turkey.

Intellectual Property

ARIKAN | PARTNERS provide its clients sophisticated, creative and business-oriented advise for intellectual property matters. We offer a full range of services related to the acquisition, enforcement and commercial exploitation of intellectual property rights and assets under Turkish Law, including among other support in judicial enforcement of trademark rights, strategic consulting in brand creation and its registration process.

Employment and Labour Law

ARIKAN | PARTNERS advises and represents national and international companies on all aspects of Turkish individual and collective labour law and social security law. Our clients benefit from our high quality standards, unparalleled experience and intensive specialization. We stand for outstanding legal advice, which is concentrated on the specific needs of the industry and the economic interests of the client.


The health care practice of ARIKAN | PARTNERS focuses on the key areas that define and drive the health care marketplace in Turkey. The firm provides representation on all legal and regulatory aspects of medium- to large-scale transactions, regulatory compliance, and market investigations or analyses.


ARIKAN | PARTNERS provides its clients with interdisciplinary tax related services next toits well-established legal advice on private equity financing, assets management and investment funds, financial structuring of acquisitions and mergers, real estate transactions, project and equipment financing.